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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  November 18, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. let's get a check on weather and traffic. so far, pretty quiet this
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morning. [unintelligible] >> i will go first. mostly cloudy skies. a slight chance for a couple of rain showers. 48 degrees at the maryland science center. a high of 56. some cloudy skies. summer rain should move in tomorrow. >> -- summer rain should move in tomorrow. -- some rain should move in tomorrow. >> the lanes closed at
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freelancer road. -- free land road. you can take mount zion as an alternate. 35 miles per hour on the southbound harrisburg expressway. overall, a pretty clear ride. some fire department activity in the city. a problem spot, some utility work blocking the right lane around liberty road. 795 and i-70 in great shape. here is the fort mchenry, southbound traffic. back to you.
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>> one man is dead and another man injured after a double shooting. >> our reporter is live outside baltimore county police headquarters with more details. >> this happened inside a convenience store. police can't confirm that the motive is robbery. they are looking for a suspect. >> late last night, the parking lot outside of this convenience store was filled with police officers. investigators believe around 7:00 p.m., someone walked in and opened fire. one person was shot dead and another injured. >> we believe the victim is the store owner. he has been transported to shock trauma. >> police spent hours gathering evidence and searching for the person or persons responsible. it is not known if the murder victim is an employee or a customer inside the store at the time. police cannot say for sure if it was robbery.
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>> they went into the business, shot both of them, and then retreated. we do not know the motive of for the shooting. >> no word on the condition of the victim at shock trauma. if you have information, call baltimore county police. wbal-tv. >> it appears maryland is a safer place to live than it was a year ago. the crime reports found that for the first six months of 2009 have of the states' jurisdiction reported a drop in violence. murder was down 11.5%. property crime dropped. initiatives that allow law- enforcement agencies to share information and work together is credited. >> the body of a five year-old north carolina girl expected to
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have been prostituted by her mom and later found dead is nothing new to the state of maryland. child trafficking is prevalent. there is a task force assembled to address the issue. kerry cavanaugh has the story. >> these are the last known images of davis. security video shows the five world cradled in the arms of a man. the 29 year-old man is now charged with her kidnapping. the child's mother is child -- charged with selling her little girl as a sex slave. her body turned up in the woods on monday. >> you are in a better place and in better hands. you do not have to hurt any more. >> this organization is part of the human trafficking task force in maryland. she counsels women who have sold their own children into prostitution. she says there are willing buyers in our area.
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>> there are people willing to pay big bucks to have sex with children. that fuels the market for this important practice. >> there are often missed opportunities to help victims like davis. she trains police officers to look out for a routine flight. >> they are going into emergency rooms or down the street. when they see certain types of situations, they should ask questions that go beyond the immediate situation. >> situations that play out on baltimore streets every day and can come to light if you ask the right questions. >> the woman saw an 11 year-old out of the corner. she realized the girl was prostituting. she asked questions and the mother flew out of the house and said, you need to make $500 tonight or i will beat you at home. >> it is too late to save this five year-old girl. but many who work human trafficking hope her case will help shed light on the issue.
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>> parents often threaten kids or get them on drugs and alcohol to make them less likely to run away or ask for help. there is a hot line for victims. >> funeral arrangements are in place for an army reserve specialist who was killed last week in combat in afghanistan. in viewing will be held on friday. the hours, 12-4. seven-9:00 p.m.. the funeral is planned at a cathedral saturday morning, followed by a reception at a high school. the family asks use it gets to the school in memory of him with a scholarship has been set up in his name. get more information at
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in the education alert, and new, efficient countywide grading policy is being looked at. school officials say new measures will ensure accurate records for teachers at all schools. teachers will take place in designing the new policy that may open up new home or standards. >> what we are trying to do is get information together, ask teachers to try strategies, and give us a feedback so that we can include them or not include them in a policy. >> carroll county is one of the few areas without a system-wide grating and homework policy. they hope the new policy will be in effect by summer. >> some medical help is being passed from one group. they want volunteers santos to get priority for the flu vaccine. they are interacting with so many people, they may be at high
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risk for contracting the virus. santa says the bigger bell is an older age put them at a higher risk. that brings us -- santos saas sy their bigger bellies and older age put them at a higher risk. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. given their interaction with a large number of children, do you think volunteer santas should receive priority for the swine flu vaccine? email us your response to >> the u.s. is not making the grade when it comes to preventing premature births. we will see how maryland did on the report card. >> a couple of lanes blocked if you're heading in northern baltimore county. other
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>> good morning. most lisa -- mostly cloudy skies, very little part cetacean -- precipitation. here is your day planner. it should be dry. 30% chance you will run into a shower this afternoon. a high of a 56 degrees. we have more rain in the seven- day forecast. we will take a look at that shortly. >> in the medical alert, a new report from the march of dimes shows the number of premature births has not changed very much. we have scored "d" on the report.
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one in five pregnant women still smoke. we need to reduce that number, and get women to doctors early, that would change things. >> if you take plavix, you may need to stay away from, and harper and medications. the effectiveness -- heartburn medications. the effectiveness could be effected. you should stay away from prozac and tagamet. >> coming up, we will get
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>> at evergreen, a pedestrian was struck. so far so good on ritchie highway. no problems to report on the beltway, j.f.x., but a problem
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at randall wood road. middletown road looking at closures are round of free land due to an accident there. take my at zaun in -- a mountain lion. -- mount zion. here is 95 south of 100. no delay. that is the latest, let's go to the buses and trains. >> moving nicely right now. all three lines are on time. light rail on tom -- time. a few diversions on the buses that are construction related. 23, 50, 17.
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now back to tony pann. >> weather pretty quiet on this wednesday morning. summer rain to talk about over the next few days. all is quiet for now. temperatures in the 40's. 48 at bwi. some cooler locations in certain areas due to the clouds. 38 in york, pennsylvania. the big storm we have been talking about in the midwest is spinning around in illinois. the rain will catch up to us eventually. it will take 24 hours to move in. it should arrive thursday during the day. a high-pressure is blocking it from coming in.
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the high will get out of the way eventually. we have cloud cover today because moisture has been picked up and over chesapeake bay. a 20% chance for a shower today. it has gotten cooler since the weekend. chesapeake bay, waves under 1 foot. it should be smooth sailing. no weather advisories on the day. mostly cloudy skies tonight. in an increased chance of rain overnight around 40%. during the day tomorrow, our chance for rain goes up.
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around 50%. best chance for showers in the afternoon. cover seven-day forecast looks like this, a chance for rain showers tomorrow with a high of 54 degrees. friday, there may be some rain left. high-temperature 58. saturday, 60 degrees, sunshine. 30 present chance for showers on sunday. a fairly decent weekend coming up. winter weather in our forecast is not there right now. sandra will teach us how to keep our part through the winter months. >> i am not going to teach you,
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because i am one of those that are closed. but this technician is going to teach us. make sure your battery is operating before the winter. >> that is the first thing to go when the cold weather hits. >> how do you check that? >> we have a machine that we took up to the battery. some of batteries are dead when you first start the car. this will do a test that takes about 15 minutes. it will tell you how strong the battery is. this printout will tell you if you will have a problem in five months or when. >> that is good. some cars are getting boots
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because they cannot move their car because the battery died. other simple things you can do? >> we want to check your fluids. the main thing is oil. you can pull this stick out and see what the level is for engine oil. i will do that right quick in show you. >> my car usually gives you a warning. >> you do not want to wait until the light comes on. >> i will say, do this now. it should not take long. make sure your vehicle is in gear when we get snow.
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>> if the light comes on, you probably waited too long. i learned that. thank you. and some tight surfers were able to pull off a stunt they have been planning for years. -- kite surfers were able to meet this spectacular jump that they have been planning for years. >> if you had a superstition of black cats, this could change that. this kitten wanted some attention. a black cat started calling up the leg of an officer while he was writing a ticket. the cat made its way onto his head. the officer removed the cast.
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it was determined to get some love. much more ahead on 11 news today. >> we will take a look at your answers to the water, the question of the day. >> here is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> the press -- police chief in prince george's county -- there was an allegation that a gun was sold from the trunk of his cruiser. congress is to a campaign should help poor during the holidays. the campaign last -- contributions to a campaign should help poor during the holidays. santa but america is fighting for volunteers to be vaccinated against this one flew five was given the amount of exposure to the public in children in
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particular. that brings us to one of your answers to the watercooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked, given their interaction with a large number of children, do you think volunteer santas should receive priority for the swine flu vaccine? given their interaction with a large number of children, do you think volunteer santas should receive priority for the swine flu vaccine? email us your response to >> one person says, i think we should get them vaccinated first. they are in harm's way. >> here is a look ahead to our next hour of 11 news today. >> a nice chunk of change could be turned to you. >> possible cuts for some areas. >> the president heads to south korea to focus on the nuclear ambitions of north korea. >> we have a brain to discuss. the forecast in just a few minutes. >> we are checking on a few
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accidents this morning. both with lane closures. we will update you on those coming up. coming up.
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